5 Common Conditions Treated By Geriatric Psychiatrist

5 Common Conditions Treated By Geriatric Psychiatrist


Geriatric psychiatrists are specialized doctors who diagnose, evaluate, treat, and prevent any type of emotional or mental issues among elderly people. The advanced psychiatric care provided by these doctors helps the elderly people to enjoy stable mental and overall well-being. 

If your loved ones are also experiencing any symptoms of geriatric psychiatry issues such as decreased energy, memory loss, worthlessness, loss of interest in daily activities, and sadness then you must consult the best psychiatrist doctor in Siliguri. The doctor will recommend the best treatment plan to improve the quality of life of the aged people. 

Given below are some of the common conditions that are effectively treated by geriatric psychiatrists. 

1. Sleep Disorders 

Sleep disorders are common among older adults, and are mainly caused due to any underlying sleep issue, medications, or health complications. Without proper treatment, sleeping issues can lead to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. 

Some of the sleep disorders are also associated with mental issues such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Restless leg syndrome (RLS), obstructive sleep apnea, and Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are common issues that can be treated by a geriatric psychiatrist.

2. Alzheimer’s Disease 

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious brain disorder that needs immediate treatment since it kills the brain cells and also shrinks the brain. Memory lapses, difficulty concentrating, poor decision-making, and changes in behavior are the early signs of this issue. 

A geriatric psychiatrist can successfully diagnose this condition with lab tests, neurological exams, and brain imaging for an appropriate treatment plan. The treatment may include adopting a healthy lifestyle, medications, and creating a supportive environment. 

3. Late-Life Psychosis 

Neurodegenerative disorders, underlying health complications, and substance use can be some of the factors that can lead to the development of late-life psychosis including schizophrenia. Without proper treatment provided by a neuropsychiatrist in Siliguri, schizophrenia can cause hallucinations, abnormal behavior, delusions, and disorganized thinking. 

Professional help is essential during these situations to prevent suicidal behavior. The doctor may recommend anti-psychosis medications, psychological interventions, electroconvulsive therapy, or hospitalization to control the symptoms. 

4. Geriatric Depression 

Geriatric depression is an emotional and mental issue that affects the older adults. Irritability, sadness, withdrawal, crying spells, fatigue, and sleeping issues are some of the symptoms of this disorder. The main causes of this type of depression can be traumatic events, low levels of neurotransmitter chemicals, and family history. 

You must always encourage patients who are suffering from depression to get professional guidance. After diagnosing the condition, a psychiatrist may recommend the patient anti-depressants, psychotherapy, or lifestyle changes. 

5. Behavioural Changes 

Personality and behavioural changes are common issues among the older adults. Having reckless and impulsive behavior, feeling nervous, uninterested in social activities, and becoming quiet are some of the noticeable behavioural problems that can be resolved by a geriatric psychiatrist. 

Contacting the best psychiatrist in Siliguri will help you in resolving the issues of alcohol or substance dependence, where the doctor can also detect the underlying causes behind the mental or personality issues. Getting enough sleep, exercising, staying connected with family members, and managing stress are some of the healthy habits to prevent mental disorders.

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