How Serious Is Schizophrenia – Here’s What to Know

How Serious Is Schizophrenia – Here’s What to Know


In Simple words, schizophrenia is a long-standing brain disorder that accounts for disconnection from reality. This medical concern affects how an individual behaves, thinks, feels, expresses emotions, etc. Since it’s a chronic health condition, long-term treatment goals are crucial.

Much remains unknown about what exactly results in schizophrenia. Though it’s a severe disorder, expert care can restore a productive life. Because the reason for developing schizophrenia is not well understood, prevention may not be possible. Talk to the best psychiatrist in Siliguri for the healing ofschizophrenia.

Knowing the Signs & Symptoms

Schizophrenia alters how a person perceives reality. The following signs help get the insights:

Active Signs

  • Delusions. These are false, unshakable beliefs that don’t involve reality.
  • Hallucinations. These are sensory experiences produced by one’s mind, including sounds, vision, or smells.
  • Unusual movements/behavior. Such as abrupt/unpredictable agitation, silly, childish movements, showing upset movements, lack of response, bizarre postures, et al.
  • Disorganized speech/thinking. Involving word salad, or difficulty focusing/staying on one topic.
  • Negative symptoms. A decline in facial expression, neglecting personal

hygiene, speaking/answering the questions in a monotone, social withdrawal, or losing motivation/lack of interest in activities.

Early Signs

  • Depression
  • Social withdrawal
  • Insomnia/hypersomnia
  • Expressionless gaze
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Inability to express joy or sadness
  • Afraid of something
  • Feeling paranoid

If you see your near one involves such signs, help them get expert assistance. Do it in a supportive way. Make sure not to ask any inappropriate questions and refrain from forcing them to talk about their feelings.

Are There Any Risk Factors?

Almost every health concern entails risk factors. Here factors that put one at risk of schizophrenia are:

  • A family history of schizophrenia, especially in first-degree relatives, can put one at the same risk.
  • Exposure to extreme stress can contribute to such a condition.
  • Autoimmune diseases can increase the likelihood of schizophrenia.
  • Malnutrition, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, during pregnancy, or exposure to severe infection, may be responsible.
  • Reactional drug use/mind-altering drugs in teens or early adulthood can be another contributing factor here.

In case, the condition remains undiagnosed can lead to further complications ahead. However, it’s downright confusing to identify a mental health condition without medical supervision. Thus, seeking medical attention early on is of immense help. Possible complications of schizophrenia include – suicidal thoughts/attempts, substance dependency, depression, anxiety, financial challenges, etc.

Medical assistance aids in optimal recovery. Psychiatrists may order a few tests, such as – a CT scan, MRI, blood tests, urine tests, spinal tap, brain activity tests, etc. For cognitive behavioral therapy in Siliguri, reach out to the best psychiatric hospital in town. Plus, the doctor may go for both psychiatric and physical health assessments.

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