5 Effective Treatment Options For Anxiety Spectrum Disorder

5 Effective Treatment Options For Anxiety Spectrum Disorder


Anxiety spectrum disorder is a common mental health condition that may cause dread and fear in certain situations. This health condition can hugely impact your daily life activities by triggering the emotions to overreact. You may lose your control while responding which can also be influenced by a traumatic event. 

You must avail of an effective anxiety spectrum disorder treatment if you’re experiencing any symptoms of anxiety disorder. Some of such symptoms include panic, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, inability to stay calm, and trouble sleeping. A proper treatment plan will help in controlling these distressing physical, behavioural, and mental problems. 

Given below are some of the beneficial treatment options that can help in curing anxiety spectrum disorder. 

1. Medication 

After diagnosing the condition, your psychiatrist may recommend certain medications. However, these medications don’t aim to cure the disorder but to control the symptoms. Some of the medications that can be prescribed are beta-blockers, anti-anxiety medications, and antidepressants.

 In most cases, anti-anxiety medications like benzodiazepines work best to reduce the unnecessary panic and fear but it can become less effective when you build a tolerance towards it. Additionally, the physical symptoms of anxiety disorder are usually resolved with the beta-blockers.

2. Exposure Therapy 

Exposure therapy is the most effective type of behavioural therapy that can contribute to reducing the negative impacts of anxiety disorder. Some of the types of this therapy that can be used for patients suffering from anxiety are imaginal, in vivo, interoceptive, and virtual reality exposure. 

With these methods, the patient is exposed to certain events or situation that is the main trigger behind the anxiety. This helps in enhancing the control over the trigger, which eventually reduces the symptoms of panic. 

3. Cognitive-Behavioural therapy (CBT) 

CBT is an effective treatment option for anxiety spectrum disorder because it helps in recognizing and restructuring the identified negative behaviours and thought patterns. Some of the techniques that can be used to change your behaviour and manage anxiety are cognitive restructuring, journaling, behavioural activation, and thought-challenging. 

These techniques will help you challenge your negative thoughts regarding a situation and then replace them with a positive and realistic one. It is the most beneficial therapy that you can avail of by contacting the best psychiatrist in Siliguri

4. Relaxation Techniques

Negative thought patterns and panic are the main impacts of anxiety disorders that also increase stress and create issues with concentration as well as well. To effectively reduce these complications, the doctor may recommend practicing some relaxation techniques. These techniques will help you manage stress, think positively, and get enough sleep. 

Breathing exercises, relaxing the muscles, visualization, autogenic relaxation, biofeedback, meditation, and yoga are a few impactful methods that can contribute to reducing anxiety and stress. 

5. Psychodynamic Therapy 

Psychodynamic Therapy is another therapy that can be used to treat anxiety disorders. This therapy mainly uses the past events to solve the present problems. The childhood issues and trauma that you have faced can play a significant role in anxiety disorder, where resolving the childhood trauma will also help in reducing the frequency of anxiety triggers. 

You must remember the fact that the recommended anxiety spectrum disorder treatment will not only depend upon the symptoms but also on the type of anxiety disorder that you’re suffering from. Additionally, socializing, regular exercise, and learning coping strategies can also help in controlling and preventing the symptoms of anxiety. 

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