anxiety spectrum disorder

Anxiety Spectrum Disorder Treatment In Siliguri

Anxiety can sometimes be beneficial because it helps us prepare for a situation and alerts us regarding probable dangers. However, when this mild anxiety becomes fatal it can severely impact our daily lives by creating avoidance behavior, negative actions, and muscle tensions.

Anxiety spectrum disorders are common mental illness that causes extreme fear and anxiety, which can also triggered by certain situations. However, these disorders are highly treatable, and if you or any known person is suffering from any anxiety disorder then you can consult Dr. Arunava Datta, a renowned psychiatrist and consultant Neuro Psychiatrist with immense experience. He can provide the best anxiety spectrum disorder treatment and therapy for improving mental well-being.

Types of Anxiety Spectrum Disorders

The term anxiety spectrum disorders refer to a wide range of anxiety disorders. An effective diagnosis and treatment by a specialist depends upon the type of disorder you're suffering from. Some types of anxiety disorders are obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, specific phobias, agoraphobia, social phobia, and perfectionism. The symptoms and anxiety episodes vary among patients considering the type of anxiety disorder.

anxiety spectrum disorder


  • Physical Symptoms: Chronic maniac symptoms or manic episodes that stays for around 7 days.
  • Behavioral Symptoms: Trouble sleeping, irregular sleeping patterns, inability to stay calm, and several ritualistic behaviors.
  • Mental Symptoms: Obsessive or panicked thoughts, nightmares, fear, and flashbacks of the traumatic memories.

Typically, various environmental issues, chemical imbalances, or heredity can be some of the probable causes of developing anxiety disorder. With the right treatment, anxiety spectrum disorders are curable. To availing an anxiety spectrum disorder treatment, it is essential to determine you're suffering from which type of disorder.

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anxiety spectrum disorder

Sometimes patients with anxiety spectrum disorders may not respond positively during the initial treatment. However, the good news is that Dr. Arunava Datta provides personalized treatments to patients by considering their health needs and symptoms. Effective treatment plans and modern resources will help the person return to normal life with improved mental well-being.

If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder or have any related queries, then without any hesitation book an appointment with Dr. Arunava Dutta. He will guide you with the best treatment plan with effective medications and psychotherapy.

  • Q. Can anxiety be cured permanently?

    Anxiety disorders are highly treatable. Most people can successfully manage the symptoms by availing proper therapy and medication.

  • Q. How long can anxiety last?

    Without professional treatment, anxiety symptoms are uncontrollable. In such scenarios, anxiety can last for months or years. It can cause severe distress that may become a huge barrier to living a normal life.

  • Q. Can I recover from anxiety disorder without medicines?

    With proper guidance, you can recover from anxiety disorder without any medications. Your specialist may recommend psychological counseling such as CBT for managing fear, negative thoughts, and other symptoms.

  • If you have proper control over the symptoms of anxiety disorder then there is nothing to worry about it. However, if it is untreated, then it can become extremely harmful since it may lead to severe depression, substance use, and other physical illnesses such as insomnia, diabetes, and heart disease.