A Complete Guide To Panic Disorder And Attacks

A Complete Guide To Panic Disorder And Attacks


Experiencing panic attacks once or twice in your lifetime during stressful situations can be a normal reaction. If panic attacks or sudden feelings of fear become more frequent in unexpected situations then it can termed as panic disorder. Panic disorder can interfere with your daily life hugely due to the presence of physical symptoms. 

Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder, which can be cured properly with an effective anxiety spectrum disorder treatment in Siliguri. Getting a proper diagnosis and treatment will you to control the sudden fear without any cause while reducing the distressing symptoms. 

Given below is a complete description of the early signs, causes, complications, diagnosis, and treatment for panic disorders. 


In most cases, the symptoms of a panic attack are triggered by external stimuli but sometimes, it can happen without any triggering events. The most common early sign of the disorder is intense fear about something associated with palpitations and a racing heart. 

The other symptoms that one may experience with fear are shortness of breath, nausea, choking feeling, chest tightness, mental issues, light-headedness, dizziness, and trembling. In serious situations, you can also feel like you might die. 


One of the main causes of panic disorder is lifestyle changes, where daily stressors and new challenges can be the leading reason for panic attacks. Some of the common lifestyle issues include the sudden death of a loved one, moving, joining a new job, and being pregnant. 

Other contributing causes to this disorder are anxiety and genetics. In the majority of cases, you can develop panic attacks if you have a family history of it. You can consult the top psychiatrists in Siliguri to manage the underlying causes and treat the disorder. 


If the panic attacks are left untreated, then they can create severe complications in your life. The significant impact that panic disorder can create in work and personal life is the main complication of the disorder. 

Additionally, it can be the main reason for adverse health issues such as suicidal ideation, agoraphobia, and depression. One may also get affected by substance use disorder to cope with the distracting symptoms. 


You can contact the emergency services if you are experiencing severe symptoms of panic disorder. In most cases, panic attack symptoms may feel like you’re experiencing a heart attack. This is why the doctor will perform electrocardiograms and blood tests to confirm that the symptoms are just for the panic attack. 

After ensuring the condition causing the symptoms, the doctor will evaluate your condition by running a thorough mental health examination. In this assessment, the cognitive functioning and behaviour of the patient will be evaluated.  


After completing the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe some medications such as anti-anxiety or anti-depressant pills to control the symptoms. To improve overall mental health, the doctor can also recommend certain techniques of psychotherapy such as exposure or cognitive-behavioural therapy. 

If the main reason for the panic disorder is the tendency to stay anxious then availing of the anxiety spectrum disorder treatment in Siliguri is the best option. You can also practice meditation, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness to successfully tackle the panicking situations. 

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