Causes And Prevention Of Seizures

Causes And Prevention Of Seizures


Seizures are conditions that occur due to abnormal or overactive electrical activity in the brain that disrupts brain cells and causes problems. This condition is a sudden burst of electrical activity that can cause temporary abnormalities in behaviors, movements, sensations, or a loss of consciousness or altered consciousness.


Commonly seizures can last from 30 seconds to two minutes and any seizure that lasts longer than 5 minutes is a medical emergency. If you experience a seizure or have symptoms of one you need to visit the best neuro psychiatrist in Siliguri to get the best diagnosis, treatments, and expert medical care for various neurological problems.


Seizures can be of many types and the different types can have a range of different symptoms and severity. Its types can vary depending on the position the seizure starts in and how far it spreads. When a person has 2 or more seizures that are 24 hours apart without a known cause it is considered to be epilepsy.


As mentioned above symptoms of seizures can vary depending on the type of seizure and its intensity. Given below are some of the commonly occurring symptoms of this condition:


  • Numbness or tingling sensation
  • Becoming disoriented or confused
  • Hallucinations
  • Impaired thinking
  • Eyes rolling upwards
  • Becoming unresponsive
  • Loss of consciousness during the seizure


Given below are some of the common causes and triggers of seizures:


  • Brain infections
  • Head injury
  • Birth defects
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain infection
  • Some prescription medicines
  • Other medical problems like brain tumors
  • Excessive drugs or alcohol
  • Lack of sleep
  • Extreme stress
  • High or low blood sugar


Although there's no direct way to prevent a seizure good treatment, expert medical care from top psychiatrists in Siliguri, and management can help a lot. As different parts of seizures can affect different parts of the brain treatments and prevention can also vary depending on the person and the condition. Given below are some of the common preventive measures for seizures.


  • Avoiding Alcohol – as alcohol causes an increased risk of seizures avoiding it can help prevent future episodes
  • Avoiding Substance – avoiding substances like drugs is also important
  • Stress Management – as stress is a huge trigger and is vital to manage
  • Sleep Schedule – tiredness or short-term sleep deprivation are also triggers
  • Taking Medications – as prescribed medications help prevent seizures
  • Monitoring Fevers – as fevers can sometimes trigger febrile seizures


If you're suffering from seizures or have a condition like epilepsy it is important to visit the best neuro psychiatrist in Siliguri to get the best management and treatment plan. A medical professional helps you understand the effects and provide good diagnosis treatments and counseling for various conditions.

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