Drug Detoxification By A Psychiatrist

Drug Detoxification By A Psychiatrist


Addiction to drugs can prove to be a silent killer as it has destroyed millions of lives across the group. A drug-addicted person is unable to think clearly and undergoes psychotic breaks. They do not understand how to behave or react in a social situation in a proper, presentable manner and thereby lose all control of themselves.

For drug detoxification, the patients of the family can consult a psychiatrist in Siliguri who will take the patient through a step-by-step procedure to undergo drug detoxification. The entire process of drug detoxification can prove to be rather time-taking. The drug-addicted individual and their family members must remain patient throughout treatment and let the treatment process work out in the proper duration of time.

Drug detoxification is an important procedure and is not to be avoided. This is a needful process done to ensure that the person reaches a stage gradually where he/she no longer feels the need for the drug for constant enthrallment or jubilation and can function effectively without it.

During the process of drug detoxification, the individual who once used to consume drugs regularly has to let go of their addiction through a painful withdrawal process. This step is a must for ridding oneself completely of their dependency on drugs and no longer feeling the urge to consume them.

The withdrawal process might be characterized by a few specific characteristics such as frequent urination, feeling constantly thirsty, constant vomiting tendencies, and much more. The patient, if psychologically affected, might also indulge in self-harm to cancel out the physical pain that they are experiencing.

The source of the individual’s drug addiction is to be identified, as well as the root cause behind them uprooting almost the entirety of their existence for drugs. The psychiatrist who is treating the patient will evaluate a complete psychometric analysis of the patient and find what encouraged them to indulge in drug abuse.

The psychiatrist who is treating the patient has a crucial role to play in the process of drug detoxification in Siliguri. They understand the patient on a psychological level and help them get out of the clutches of addiction. Addictive personalities are looked down upon in society and are not welcome anywhere. An addicted individual must trace back to his/her roots and fight to return to a regular life led by a responsible adult.

The addicted person must also recognize the fact that their family is waiting on them and they have some people in their lives who care for them. This will motivate them to walk on the path of righteousness, sans any addiction.


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