Drug Detoxification in Siliguri

Drug Detoxification in Siliguri

Drug addiction is a severe condition that hampers massively if left untreated. People from various age groups can get affected by it and find it very hard to overcome the situation. Detoxification is the process that deals with the removal of drug substances from the body. Once the drug intake has been stopped or reduced, the withdrawal syndrome can affect the patient’s system massively and the Detoxification (Detox) process safely manages these symptoms.

The substance or alcohol creates such an impact on our brain that it does not perform normally without the alcohol or substance in the body. Drug Detoxification is the first step towards a healthy and fresh restart of your life. The process takes place until your system’s bloodstream gets cleared of the substance. Dr Arunava Datta provides treatment for drug detoxification in Siliguri. His clinic uses advanced medical treatments and is filled with the necessary equipment for performing the ideal treatment.

How Drug Detoxification works:

Treatment procedure varies from patient to patient. As the substance intake and severity on the system remain different to each patient. Generally, the process gets performed via a few steps.

  • Evaluation: The medical team at the clinic evaluates the severity of the patient and performs the necessary tests to determine the condition of the patient.
  • Stabilization: The doctor makes sure that withdrawal symptoms keep in check and the patient remains stabilized under medical and psychological therapy.
  • Treatment: Rehabilitation starts for patients and they are made aware beforehand of the treatment plan and it commences accordingly. The doctor makes sure the patient is reacting to the treatment accordingly to ensure successful detoxification.
How Drug Detoxification works

The Detoxification process can take days to weeks to months depending upon the impact it has created on someone’s body. It also depends on several factors like –

  • Addiction severity.
  • Family history.
  • Genetic makeup.
  • Type of substance.
  • Addiction duration etc.

The compassionate care Dr Arunava Datta provides at his clinic helps the patients to recover their older selves. The clinic offers the best drug detoxification service in this region and patients have left this place happy and satisfied with the service they have received.

Side effects of Detoxification:

While intaking substances, the body gets affected thoroughly each day. While detoxification, your body does not cope with it instantly as it was used to the substances and alcohol in the system. Thus, you may encounter some side effects while undergoing the treatment. The doctor along with his clinic takes the utmost care while performing detoxification and they make sure the process gets completed hassle-free and try to minimize major risk factors, although, the patient will encounter some side effects while experiencing detoxification. Some of them are –

Side effects of Detoxification
  • Anxiety.
  • Nausea.
  • Poor sleep.
  • Changes in heart rate.
  • Tremors.

Dr Arunava Datta is an experienced doctor with countless happy patients throughout the state under his treatment. He has helped them to retrieve their happy self back and he has one request to every one of you out there who are suffering from minor or major addiction. Do not hesitate, speak up. Our clinic offers the finest treatment for drug detoxification in Siliguri and every one of us deserves to live a healthy life.

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