What Is The Process Of Drug Detoxification?

What Is The Process Of Drug Detoxification?


Drug detoxification or detox is the process of safely clearing the body of drugs or alcohol or other harmful substances that a person has consumed under medical supervision. Detox is the first and one of the most important steps in recovering from addiction as it removes all the harmful substances while safely managing withdrawal symptoms.


Severe addiction can cause huge problems to your health and can hamper your ability to function normally in day-to-day life. Good drug detoxification in Siliguri can help remove toxic substances from the body safely and under expert care to make you physically stable and start the process of quitting.


When a person gets addicted they consistently and repeatedly use a substance which develops physical dependency over time. Meaning the body naturally adapts to the presence of the drug in its system and with enough time it starts to require the drug to function normally which makes it hard to quit.


If the person with the physical dependency on the substance quits abruptly or dramatically reduces their use withdrawal symptoms emerge. Withdrawal symptoms can vary from mild to life-threatening depending on the substance and the physical dependency on it.


Withdrawal symptoms are managed by keeping the addicted person under medication and giving the body enough time to adjust to the loss of the substance. The length of the detox can depend on several factors like the symptoms of alcohol can wear off within a week while other drugs can take a longer detox time like 2 weeks or longer.


Although detoxing naturally is also an option but it is not recommended as choosing to detox at home without medical supervision can be dangerous and potentially deadly. Commonly the process of drug detoxification includes 3 steps which can involve:


  • Evaluation – is where the medical experts screen patients for physical and mental health issues and test their blood to check the amount of substance present in their system.


  • Stabilization – is where the patient is stabilized using medical and physical therapy while providing the patient with medication that is used to prevent complications and reduce withdrawal symptoms.


  • Preparation and treatment – is the final step of detox where the patient is familiarised with the treatment process which helps fight against addiction.


If you're going through severe addiction then it is best to reach out for help and get good drug detoxification in Siliguri which can be the right first step toward fighting addiction. Addiction can lead to extreme problems and can hamper your ability to have a normal life.


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