Reduce The Effects Of Epilepsy By Visiting A Neuro Psychiatrist

Reduce The Effects Of Epilepsy By Visiting A Neuro Psychiatrist


Epilepsy is a mental health condition that hampers the nerve functionality of the brain. It is a severe brain condition that can cause by several factors like brain infection, tumour, stroke etc. This severe disease needs immediate medical attention under the supervision of quality doctors to minimize the effects on your body.

Patients with epilepsy can experience a pretty hard lifestyle. Although if consult a doctor after getting initial symptoms, you will get recovered in no time with proper medication and treatment. Getting early consultation from a renowned neuro psychiatrist in Siliguri is essential. They will diagnose and proceed with your treatment according to your requirements.

Mental health condition is one of the essential aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. Without calming mental health, you may not concentrate on any of your life aspects, be it personal or professional. The importance of having a healthy mental state is immense and sometimes it is more crucial than having steady physical health. It may not sound right, but mental health affects your body in different ways and it is essential to address these issues as early as possible.

Epilepsy is a health condition that needs immediate medical attention from doctors. You cannot really keep issues related to your brain untreated as it can have dire consequences. The earlier you seek medical help, the better it is for your health. A few of the factors that create a negative impact on your mental health are mentioned below –

  • Head Injury
  • Lack of Oxygen During Birth
  • A Brain Tumour
  • Stroke
  • Excessive Drug Consumption

Consuming excessive drugs can be lead to pretty severe outcomes. You won’t find any reprieves if conditions get out of hand. The chemical materials that drugs consist of can impact your health vehemently. It is advisable to take consultation from a centre that offers drug detoxification in Siliguri to get appropriate treatment for the quickest recovery.

Without getting proper treatment, people with epilepsy can find it difficult to lead a normal life like others. The disease can take place in patients irrespective of their ages, and patients with a family history of epilepsy, remain at a higher risk of occurrence than others.


The brain cells experience an electrical disruption. People with epilepsy experience recurrent seizures. It impacts your brain functionality that leads to behavioural and feeling changes. Sometimes the patient can get impacted on consciousness level as well. Here, let us see some of the symptoms that patients with epilepsy generally experience –

  • Abrupt Falling Without Any Major Reason
  • Brief Blackout Period
  • Temporary Unresponsiveness
  • Stiffness
  • Sudden Mood Changes
  • Memory Issues

It is recommended to seek medical help from a clinic where they offer wholehearted treatment facilities. Doctors take several measures for seizure prevention. Additionally, to minimize the effects of other mental health issues, a doctor offers services for addiction therapy, child psychiatry, bipolar disorder, cognitive behaviour therapy in Siliguri etc.

To minimize the effects and severity of an issue, a visit to a doctor is a must. Depending upon your state, he or she will guide based on your requirements. But without seeking treatment, you may find yourself in a situation from where you may find it very difficult to recover.

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