Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Can Mental illness be cured?

    Mental illness can be cured and for that, you need your willpower to tackle all the difficulties during the journey. With appropriate medication and proper expert guidance, it will lead you to a healthier life.

  • Q. How can I determine which treatment is suitable for my condition?

    Our medical experts are here to diagnose you properly before proceeding with the suitable treatment for ensuring you a quick recovery. We have advanced pieces of machinery to provide you with ideal treatment.

  • Q. Is consulting with a psychiatrist means I am mentally unstable?

    Psychiatrists perform several tests among patients to determine their system’s functionality. Consulting with a psychiatrist or a mental health expert does not at all mean you are mentally unstable or something like that. Consultation helps to improve your overall mental health.

  • Q. Medications once started will last for my lifetime?

    In most cases, you do not need to take up the medicine post the medicine due period. It completely depends upon the severity of your ailment and doctors will suggest the medication after proper diagnosis and analysis.

  • Q. Why is talk therapy useful?

    Patients suffering from mental issues do not tend to open up in front of everyone. Thus, we strongly recommend not to suppress it within yourself. We are willing to hear you and provide you with the necessary treatment to back to your older self.

  • Q. What are anti-depressants?

    Anti-Depressants are medications to tackle depression and anxiety disorders. These medications help to adjust the chemicals in our brain to lift our mood. Thus, it helps us to improve our appetite, sleeping pattern etc.

  • Q. What can the patients do to manage mental issues?

    One thing patients should try to do is to improve their lifestyle. A lifestyle consisting of less stress and which will have a consistent sleep schedule, proper diet to have a healthy and convenient lifestyle.

  • Q. When should people opt for treatment regarding substance misuse?

    If the patient is putting extra effort to obtain his/her addiction component. In short, you should consult with an expert when it hampers your lifestyle and affects your activities for addiction.

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